Business Loans

Representative Resource Page

This list is a resource to access basic documents required. You may send the link to your clients to make access easier. Follow the steps as the listed Step to Step 8 in order.
Steps 1 and 2 are the only requirements to get started. When you click the link, the document will download.
Call our office if you have any questions: (720) 663-8826

Required/Priority Documents

Step 1:Customer Service Agreement

Step 2: Loan Request Form (automatically downloads, return with copy of Personal Identification)

Business Executive Summary or Template is Due Upon Approval

Step 3: Executive Summary Template to be used if Client does not have a business plan(automatically downloads)

Answering the guided questions in the template will provide the information needed, However, We offer to write
the Executive Summary package for a service fee of $5,450.
This includes the Pro Forma financials ($2.500) and the Executive Summary ($2,950)

Credit Application for Documentation if Requested

Step 4: Credit Application

Personal & Business Documents Needed to Complete and Return

We use SBA Forms and input data into our system

Step 5:Personal Financial Statement (SBA Template)

Step 6: Real Estate Owned List

Step 7: Schedule of Liabilities/Debt (SBA Template)

Step 8: List of Corporate Documents Needed to Gather


Set an appointment with ramon, go to his personal calendar at:
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The Standard Service Fee Due upon Acceptance of this agreement

The standard service fee is not a fee to get a loan, it is a fee to cover
administrative and processing overhead costs. This fee will be discounted from commissions at funding.
However, there the fee is refunded if the loan does not fund.